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Thomas J. Anderson develops and teaches online film classes at Perimeter College/Georgia State University. He started making Super 8MM films as a student at UNC-Chapel Hill, and made documentary and experimental films while getting his MS in Film from Boston University. He helped start the Atlanta Film Festival in 1976 and worked in the A/V Rental and Staging Industry for 10 years as the President of CAV, a company he founded in 1981. He and wife Maggie owned The Production Shop and produced award winning corporate videos in the 1990's before he got involved in higher education as an AVID editing teacher and the longtime Department Chair of Media Production at AIU-Buckhead. Since then he has taught not only at Perimeter College/Georgia State University, but also at Reinhardt University, Kennesaw State University, and Le Cordon Bleu.

TAXI DRIVER REVISITED: The Evolution of our Desensitized Culture

I recently again watched this Neo-Noir classic from a younger Martin Scorsese for the first time since it  came out in 1976; the cinematography is still gorgeous, as is the wonderful (and last) score from the great composer Bernard Herrmann, … Continue reading

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ANNIE HALL: Relationships (and Films) That Can Be Like a Dead Shark

This 1976 film from Director and Star Woody Allen surprisingly won the Academy Award for Best Picture, somehow beating out “Star Wars” and some other great films. I don’t think it was deserving of that award, but the film does … Continue reading

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Modern Times: Assembly Lines, Worker’s Rights, and Middle Class Dreams

“Modern Times” is Charlie Chaplin’s greatest film; it was the perfect combination of comedy with social commentary on mind-numbing assembly line work, worker’s rights, and middle class suburban dreams. It also marked the last screen appearance of The Tramp, Chaplin’s … Continue reading

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